Laura g in the world's press - Al Arab Alyawm Newspaper

The Italian designer Laura G believes that frames have the special power of protecting our feelings, and she searches through her crafted frame designs for the fourth dimension “spirituality”. The Director General of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Dr. Khalid Khreis pointed in the press conference that was held yesterday to announce the exhibition  that the National Museum will never be a prisoner of paintings , but it’s open to all kinds of arts, whether  it was design, fashion or architecture.

And he added:” this the first exhibition here that shows frames, and they are the windows that we look through to our pictures, and there is nothing prettier than having a picture of a dear person to put into this frame, and the artist Laura G looks forwards for a bright new future.”

And the exhibition that holds the name “Laura G…. Art with heart”  will be opened tomorrow evening at exactly six , and it will be including  fifteen small artworks, every one of them have a name a story and a philosophy such as Illumination, Vitality, Gratitude, Humor, Harmony, Vitality, Equilibrium and Wisdom.

The material was different in making them between stones, wood, glass, wax, silver, gold, precious stones, Vitreous enamel, Guilloche and Methacrylate.

And the artist started her talk by the reason she chose to have the exhibition in Jordan, and it’s the 3rd country for that exhibition, and she said:” I chose Jordan because of its combination of culture and moderation and because of it’s geographical place between the three continents (Africa, Europe and Asia) and it went through a sequence of cultures like Romans and Greek. However the first time the frames were shown was at the 54th Cycle of  La Biennale festival in Venice, and the second time it was in Cyprus. And the exhibition is a project to save the Italian Heritage, as the whole world was affected by the Italian since the dawn of time, especially the Italian artists with the long experience of making frames”.

And she explained :” all the frames have that special quality of protecting our feelings, they are also decorated from the front and the back, because it points to what’s important to us, and the goal of it is to grab attention to what’s really important and that is what’s inside it, this is why the craft is amazing, and they were handmade by the best Artisans just like the old Italian technique, to hand craft things with the quality of the original design  to serve the twenty first century.”

Laura G was born into a traditional Italian family, with emphasis on family values, a passion for hard work and awareness of the needs of others. In all these creations she expresses her affection, her spiritual journey, the maturing of her heart. Her outlook on life is the result of her training in humanism and philosophy, and a passion for art as the spiritual expression of man. So she decided to create a personal collection of valuable items, a tangible embodiment of her cultural and emotional baggage. And life today is imbued with three-dimensionality, yet we must look beyond and seek a fourth dimension – spirituality-, by re-designing meaningless objects, charging them with new significance, and she confirmed having that dimension in area of the middle east, that’s because it’s far away from a world filled with
materialistic and money Conflicts .

Laura also noted to the young designers that work with her like the Egyptian artist Karim Rashid, and all of them are artist with long experience and their hand worked objects were made upon their personal experience, so they would make a special gift to a special person, and it was decorated from front and back to confirm that the frames are an actual Organism made from deep feelings.

And she concluded with:” we want to feel our soul in every product while designing it and the soul of the craftsman who made it with full compassion.”

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