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An exhibition celebrate handmade Italian – Mouna Abo – Soboh – Amman. The exhibition “Laura G… Art with Heart” (the story of distinguished Italian) shows a very special collection of handcrafted Italian frames and that took place in the Jordanian National Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibition was opened last Wednesday under the auspices of HRH Princess Wijdan Al-Hashemi and attended by many Jordanian artist and craftsmen, and there Fine artwork was shown in first floor in the museum, and many other artwork from all over the middle east by many artist.

The exhibition held a selection of vibrantly alive frames; as they were hand made exclusively by creative designers, according to their own personal experience, and they are also unique for a special occasion’s gift as well, as they point the light on the handiwork perfection through the way they were designed and the quality they were made from, especially that they were designed on their both sides front and back.

Some of materials that these frames were made from are “Fired enamel” which is an old technique that was used in  sculpture as in jewelry and art designs, and it has amazing special qualities like smoothness and hardness and the settle shape and it’s Chemical endurance, and it can hold its color and its shininess for a long time.

And there is also Sculptures made from semi-precious stones; as they semi-precious stones were casted in designed ways to decorate lots of Contemporary art objects such as crystal, rose quarts, Garnet, Aventurine, Pearls, Onyx, Azure and Obsidian.

And there are also wooden sculptures, Modern sculpture abstracts from wood lovely geometrical shapes reminiscent of love and passion, life’s true value.

Thus the positive force of this noble material envelops us and captivates us, aided by the dexterity of exceptional craftsmen.

And also Methacrylate; which are noble plastic materials that provide solid and hollow effects, light and shade. They are bright and crystalline, highly expressive, a favourite with contemporary artists and designers.
And Lost wax; The complex and fascinating method of casting, which can be traced back to the art of sculpture in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, is a technique that only a handful of skilled craftsmen today have mastered – those who are expert in the creation of detail that marks the exceptional quality of leading works in silver and precious metals, in sculpture as in jewellery.

Every artwork that was shown had a saying that the artist wanted to say through that artwork to the people, and one of those examples is “story illumination” designed by Laura G ” This moment in my spiritual chronology is really the most Important pillar, Infinity is illuminating my life; it gives me strength in the moments Of weakness, it quenches my thirst of truth, it lights my present and Gives hope, in a word it is the image of True Life.”

And also “Story VITALITY” designed by Karim Rashid “I love the change in my life, when this change is giving me New energy and new horizon to my spiritual intelligence. This is what I am looking for, and it depends on me, on my willing to risk, on my soul’s power to discover values to share, on my Constant research of what counts in my life.”

And also “STORY GRATITUDE” designed by Laura G “I was used to take for granted what I have in my life, my wealth in body and mind, my family close to me, my education to values. As the major part of us, I assume.”

And “STORY HUMOUR” designed by Karim Rashid “Smiling is making the life easier to live. I love the smile which creates immediately a bridge between the people. The wise smiling plays down a critical situation, when we smile we feel lighter, we express our positivity and it only gives strength to our life and to people with whom we live.”

The artist Samia Al Zaro who paints and Sculptures and has a big part in improving  the artistic education curriculum, expressed how beautiful these artworks were by saying: “the frame protects the artwork, and if it grabs attention, it can make that artwork look more beautiful or not, because it’s a familiar way people started to deal with, and there is  art that need that kind of frame, and these frames are perfect in the way they were designed and the handiwork”.

And she adds: “for me, I don’t frame my work, to leave space to the observer to get into and out of the painting whenever he wants, and I think the artwork is an expression of what the artist feels inside, but there might be a frame that sends this feeling but it never gets to the observer”.

The artist Omar Hamdan says: “the Italians are well-known with their touch of creativity in decoration, and their amazing patterns, and it’s a new idea to see the artwork and the beauty of framing, and the thing that grabbed my attention the smoothness and the simplicity and the size of the artwork, as they could be an artwork without anything inside them”.

Meanwhile the artist Rama AL-Muzz expressed her the way she admired the artworks by saying: “there is some concentrated modernity in these frames , as they combine photography, digital and the visual communication  , and it has the manufactured materials, it shows in the photographical picture and the heritage in the artwork, it’s a combination between  visual communication  and manufactured materials”.

The artist Jalal Erikat said that the ideas that this exhibition held were many, and it combines the modern with the classic, and noted that the frames were creatively simple, especially the ones made of gold and silver that were made by the electric typecast.

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