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The designs of the Italian Laura in the National Museum. Fine handcraft Amman- Rasmi Al-Jarrah. Far from the photographical pictures and what they show and mean the Italian designer Laura G chose in her own personal exhibition -that took place at the national museum of arts- to work on picture frames, and she preferred to express that memorable part in many and new ways and with the Ores of Gold, Silver, multicolored Precious Stones, Quarts, Crystal and much more.

Laura G  considers picture frames as a very important artistic part that raises passion and while she redesigns a frame she gives it a grotesque importance through charging it with a colorful and design-full energy, and she sees that life is filled with three dimensional objects and it’s about time for us to see the fourth dimension –spirituality -, and therefore we should be interested in the frame as much as we are in the picture inside it.

Laura G ‘s designs are handicrafts but it’s not considered as Commercial or traditional handicrafts because they were made with the best Italian techniques and at the same time modern designs and they are a mixture between design , art , Innovation, passion, Strangeness and Exaggeration, through them Laura G  keens perfect designs and full care while designing because she believes that these frames are a philosophy and it’s not only there to cover a picture that we take, but these frames have human and emotional value and they are handmade and valuable and artwork perfect  Pieces that’s why she didn’t forget to look after the two faces of the frame front and back.

The artist gave her frames names and titles according to what they show and mean and the materials they were made from like burned enamel, eternal beauty, peace, REFLECTION, ILLUMINATION, HARMONY, VITALITY, LOST WAX and many other names that has a connection with the memory of the picture.

Some other artist like Karim Rashid, Daniel Boglioni took a part of Laura G ‘s  designs too, and what makes those designs special was the techniques that these frames were made under like casting and carving and decorating with plants and Geometrics and many other forms and they were handmade and the material they were made from that were brought from the Mediterranean.

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