Luuk Magazine - Laura G Art with Heart, Italian excellence on exibition

Laura G ART WITH HEART , Italian excellence on exibition

A website that is an editorial project. From its initial manifesto one senses that  these are unique items, works of art in their own right. Here you can view and admire 52 frames made of precious materials designed by well-known names such as Karim Rashid and created by a breed of Italian craftsmen close to extinction.

LauraG is a defiant, romantic, intimate and contemporary collection of the most controversial items used to display images.

Defiant, because the items try to sidestep the rules of the luxury market and are not the product of a large industrial group.

Romantic, because it is born of the union of different artistic disciplines. The aim is to create a new taste, one which transcends the rigid European dictates and embrace culture and diversity, in all its meanings.

Intimate, because these frames must be approached with the spirit of someone about to get in touch with herself, in order to create a new three dimensional taste , because important  is the  front and back the frame , not only the front conscious of being in the presence not of  ordinary objects but rather true works of art capable of expressing emotions that go well beyond enjoying a mere possession.

Contemporary, because LauraG has been invited by H.R.H. Princess Wijdan Al Hashemi to exibit at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan an istitutional  legitimisation in the  atmosphere of our time through the anticipatory vision of craftsmen, creators and artists, all of whom lead the way in their respective fields
“My goal was to create objects that encourage positive experiences to hold and display our most precious memories , repeating them ad infinitum”, says Karim Rashid about his creations , and this exibition is the result.

The website’s editorial project finds its intellectual outlet in the dedicated blog,  where free associations generate seemingly meaningless images and a sort of visual  writing  with continually evolving logic which, even if it moves in one only definitive space , reflects emotions, wounds, memories , hopes.

Recommended for collectors , cool hunters, trendsetters and lovers of beauty carpe Diem.

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