Inspiration: infinity illuminates my reawakening

This is undoubtedly the most important milestone along my spiritual journey.

Infinity illuminates our lives: it gives us strength in times of weakness, it quenches our thirst for truth, it illuminates the present and gives us hope – in short it is the image of True Life.

We discover it as a generous gift, one we do not deserve at all, and it is unexpected, which is why it is even better to experience.

It is the reawakening in a new world that was previously unknown, and while it has always been there, it is like having new eyes and seeing new things, enjoying a new life, True Life.

I was determined to create a wonderful model to represent this stage of life, something very much alive and intense in all its facets.

It is like a tangle of threads, representing our jumbled ideas that are suddenly illuminated and give off light.

This model is entirely handcrafted by Lombardy silversmiths in sterling silver 24k gold plate using the last-wax method.

The base is made of hand-polished black Belgian marble – black to enhance the contrast, highlighting a powerful reawakening to Life.

Collection Illumination

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