Inspiration: always alive and on the go

The Laura G Heart model is what the name says – the heart of the Laura G project, because it embodies the reasons why Laura G set out on this personal and spiritual journey, an encouragement for all those who wish to read on.

The heart is the centre of a person, the pivot of life itself. Without a heart we are nothing, we cannot live. But I mean a lively, open heart, always restless, always on the go.

With the heart we seek the true meaning of life, the truth that guides us and enables us to perceive another’s face, that brings us out of ourselves and our foolish selfishness.

With the heart we always walk forward; we realise where we have taken a false step, and we rectify it, we ask forgiveness and set off with enthusiasm.

When the heart is asleep, or even numbed, which can happen when it is choked by an enslaving desire for possessions, we cannot feel happy, nor can we be free.

Keeping a pure heart isn’t easy, but it can be done. It is a lifelong vocation; it cannot be done once and for all. It is an ongoing task, day after day, to be performed with others, not alone.

How could I not illustrate this mainstay of Laura G project with a precious model, featuring sterling  guilloche silver and  enamel in Faberge style, with bright sparkling colours.

Very clean and simple, a heart that reminds us of our own, for keeping it alive and always on the go.

Laura G Heart RubyLaura G Heart TurquoiseLaura G Heart Royal BlueLaura G Heart Apple Green

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