Inspiration: change, a mark of the fullness of life.

We love change in our lives when it gives us renewed energy and opens up new horizons on our spiritual intelligence.

It is what we are looking for, and it depends on us, on our willingness to take risks, on our ability to discover new values to share, on the never-ending search for what counts in our lives.

Life is a carousel of changes, in an attempt to better ourselves and achieve a goal that is the dream of a lifetime.

Yet a change may occur in our life when we least seek it or want it.

This is the most important change to face up to; it comes to measure our strength, that of the soul and its specific reaction to the great change in store.

For this great change we draw our spiritual energy from the heart.

I wanted a symbol of rebirth in the Vitality frame, and Karim Rashid’s design of a two egges was perfect for the purpose.

I needed magnificent manufacture, so i thought of torch-fired enamel, where the hand of man can clearly be seen at work.

The enamel work is vibrant with colour and the glossy surface very precious.

As always, the back of the frame of life is decorated and invokes the colour that features on the front.

I love the idea of people putting their own images of their life and heart into a frame like Vitality because this is the very prototype of the Laura G project – a frame created by a contemporary designer such as Karim Rashid that is entirely handmade by master enamellers from Florence in true Fabergé tradition, an outstanding example of the fusion of past and present, one of the favourite themes of Laura G’s art and design project.

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