Inspiration: willpower makes me free.

An ancient saying goes: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, and it’s true, yet I would add “Willpower makes us free.” I’m talking about the inner freedom that gives us the true strength of will to resist and later to change.

Willpower makes all the difference. Alone it is not enough, of course, but if exercised with firmness and awareness, it can truly help make our dreams come true.

Strength of will arises from an inner certainty, a fixed point that we cannot ignore and all our actions focus on.

Dark moments of despair should not be an obstacle, but rather a powerful incentive for a strong will to overcome the problem with the strength of optimism.

The will is always mindful of the purpose of its action, that’s is why it determines the many events occurring between setting a goal and achieving it lastly, strength of will means much in terms of educating our being.

If left to ourselves, surely we would often fail in our obligations and duties, but acquiring willpower can make us react to our laxity and urge us to keep going – with clenched teeth if necessary – towards our goal.

I have rediscovered that strength of will is an important pathway to freedom, that inner freedom that makes us worthy to be called people, the freedom to think, to act, to feel.
Mind and heart, two fields where the will moves in parallel, and coordinates them when they are not in tune.

The meaning of willpower is embodied in the Will model – with its plastic shape, and powerful yet gentle grasp – designed by Karim Rashid for Laura G.

I decided to create three different versions using various materials, such as precious rock crystal with silver gilt, or methacrylate, alone or combined with hand-crafted walnut. They are contemporary expressions of ancient willpower, always current.

Will Rock Crystal CollectionWill Plexi CollectionWill Wood Collection

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